Data Security

Data Eradication

DG Global provides cutting edge data erasure technology for multiple data storage devices. Our system utilizes a secure erase process which supports all erasure methods used and recommended, meeting the following requirements of HIPPA, FACTA,GLB and Sarbanes Oxley.

The latest version of our software is designed to meet the most complex and security driven customer requirements. Our process is a flexible yet robust solution with the latest hardware support and provides detailed comprehensive reporting. Our tamper proof solution guarantees a 100% secure erasure and also formulates a complete audit trail.

The DG Global wiping process can be synced to our proprietary web based software system. All details of the erased devices such as serial numbers, asset tags, etc. can be logged into our system. All this data is reviewable by the customer 24/7 by accessing our web based system.

Data Eradication

Wiping process provides the following:

  • Full data graphics charts
  • Comprehensive client based reporting
  • Wide variety of erasure methodologies and custom options
  • Hard Disk Drive health and bad sectors reporting
  • Hard Disk SMART Data collection
  • Automated and centralized certificate of data erasure management
  • Automated fully unattended network based data wiping eliminating human error
  • Multi Interface Capability: SSD,SAS,SATA,ATA/IDE and Fibre Channel of any size

100% Physical Destruction

  • Shredding of HDD
  • Disintegration of small form factor storage devices such as SSD, Flash Modules, Thumb drives

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